The DROP Institute investigates all complaints against Certified DROP Consultants (cDROP) and takes these inquiries seriously. All letters of complaint should be mailed or e-mailed to:

  • DROP Institute
  • 1 Ardmore Street New Windsor, NY 12553
  • Subject: Complaint against cDROP Professional

Certificate holders are expected to act in a manner consistent with upholding the public’s trust in fiduciary relationships. Advisors using the cDROP mark are not only promoting themselves as competent professionals offering advice within the DROP arena, they also are expected to conduct business in an ethical manner. With this in mind, the DROP Institute has a formal process to review complaints against DROP advisors. Violations could lead to disciplinary action, including certification revocation.

  • The DROP Institute will evaluate the validity of the complaint and make a disciplinary recommendation after reviewing the relevant facts. The Board’s decision is final and binding.

Forms of Discipline

  • Censure Letter – The Board will draft and issue a letter of censure to the cDROP designee. No further action will be required and the matter will remain confidential.
  • Suspension from using the cDROP mark over a stated period of time
  • Revocation

Dismissal – Alternatively, after reviewing the evidence and determining the complaint is without basis, the charge against the designee will be dismissed. No further action is needed and the matter remains confidential.

Confidentiality of Proceedings

All forms of discipline shall be handled confidentially, to the extent possible. The DROP Institute will make such disclosures to satisfy the requirements of law or other governmental body or agency or as reasonably required for any regulatory compliance. Suspensions and Revocations will be made available to the public at the discretion of the DROP Institute. All DROP certificate holders in good standing will be reflected under the tab, “Find a cDROP Advisor”, and continually updated.

This aforementioned Policy shall be administered in the sole discretion of the DROP Institute. The Board reserves the right to modify this policy at any time in its discretion. This policy replaces any prior policy or policies regarding the same subject matter.