The DROP Institute is the leading organization dedicated to educating DROP participants on their retirement plan. Whether you’re pre-DROP, post-DROP, or currently in DROP, you need answers to your most pressing questions - questions about money, family, and health. The DROP institute is the resource for you to calibrate your DROP strategy and plan your future with a DROP expert. Connecting you with a certified DROP advisor is an important step in our process. Finding an advisor whom you are comfortable with and confident about, sets you on the right path for financial independence. You need to build a relationship with an advisor who is fluent in DROP vocabulary – someone who is DROP-literate. The majority of financial advisors are not well-versed in the many nuances and rules concerning DROP and pension plans. There are many potential pitfalls regarding financial planning for the public sector, and making a mistake can be costly. With our certificate program, you can rest assured that when you match with a vetted cDROP® professional, you are in good hands and well on your way to financial freedom.

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